3 to 6 months

  • Whatever you lost can be healed and transformed
  • Your heart does need joy to breathe
  • When your new "You" expands, you find beauty and abondance

Private Sessions:

A deep healing session with me to support your courageous heart in reconnecting to your power, wisdom, and personal spiritual awakening. 

Private sessions are 90 minutes long, via video or in-person. For optimum healing and long-lasting benefits, I offer packages of 3, 6 or 9 sessions according to the client's needs.

Sessions include: 
  • a free phone conversation to see how you feel  
  • a clearing/healing Shamanic session
  • a relaxing meditation to align with your inner self
  • a restorative sound practice to restore yin/yang balance
  • a deep connection with your guides and ancestors

To schedule a private session, contact me here. 

Financial challenges should never be a block on your journey to healing, so please don't hesitate to reach out for any of my offerings. I am here to serve all my brothers and sisters. 

Outdoor Classes:

"Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much" -- Helen Keller 
Are you feeling called to come together in a soul community united in heart-centered healing, dedicated on healing and releasing for the highest good of all beings everywhere? We have a place for you in our classes.
Outdoor group classes and events include:

  Retreats at Coração da Terra, Brazil: for kids 7 and up and adults

  • Establish a sense of deep communion with Nature: 
  • Relate to the 5 elements with music: Air, Water, Fire, Earth, Spirit
  • Align with the home of your soul: letting go of emotional triggers
  • Bring joy to your heart while drumming and dancing on the beach

 Sacred Circles

  • Empower your life and reconcile Warrior/Goddess within
  • Reconnect Heart-Soul to align with your life's mission
  • Release and transmute outdated cell memories
  • Create Balance while acknowledging strength and vulnerability

 *Please reach out if you are experiencing financial challenges.


Sacred Ceremonies:

The gathering of a community in sacred ceremony is an ancient practice, deeply healing, and a graceful way to align yourself with the cycles of Nature and with your soul family. 
Ceremonies include:
  • Gathering at important dates on the Celtic Calendar: the Wheel of Eight
  • Drumming, dancing, chanting
  • Healing journeys to align into our own power
  • Crystal work to balance Earth-Human Energy on an individual and collective level

 *Please reach out if you are experiencing financial challenges.

House/Office Energy Clearing

A deep, energetic cleansing of your house or office space to uproot any stagnant, heavy, or blocked energies and to instead promote abundance, love, and joy. 

Energy Clearings Include:

  • Tuning into any past energy of the house/office to clear what no longer serves the space
  • Bring fresh, new energy linked to the owner's intentions of peace, love harmony, health and prosperity.

Energy clearings are priced depending on the size of the space ($300-$1200). Please reach out if you are experiencing financial challenges.