Violeta is a very intuitive woman driven by life’s miracles—a world traveler and discoverer who has wandered to faraway lands in order to pursue her dreams.

Violeta started her journey in France where she received many insights about European magical rituals. Then, she was drawn towards South America at a young age through reading, music and dancing. One day after many dreams about the Sacred Ceremonies, the pull was so strong that she decided to leave everything behind and made a trusting yet daring leap into a brave, new adventure on that continent. While living there for many years, she discovered the magic of ancient indigenous Amazon civilizations and their deep respect towards Mother Earth.

From then on, Violeta became a seeker of the Truth—an active member of the universe where everything is ONE. She strives to share her passion about yoga, meditation and the arts, and to reconcile beauty and peace in a world where many humans have lost trust in their own vital inner essence and wisdom.

Leading her heart with love, compassion and integrity, Violeta offers private sessions as well as transforming Sacred Circles for groups, based on the wisdom of the first nations people: we call it Shamanism. She also offers journeys, where the focus is to reconnect our heart & soul and to create an outer reality that brings harmony, peace, and joy.

Violeta facilitates Red Tent Circles, practices healing through Ancient Native rituals, and thrives to reconcile the Divine Feminine with the Divine Masculine within. She is very pleased to honor others on their path to create a world where souls can recognize each other by vibes rather than appearances!